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The Encyclopedia of Online Coding Platforms (ebook)

When I was doing consultations with aspiring software developers, two of their biggest issues were:

1) plunking down a TON of money for educational products that weren’t working for them


2) feeling like they wasted their valuable time on said platforms because they weren’t learning anything.

I don’t do consultations anymore, but I DO write books. (bonus: the book is about $200 cheaper than a consultation).

I decided to write The Encyclopedia of Online Coding Platforms not to make decisions for devs, but to offer some extremely important guidance.

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This handbook combines critical technical info + unmatched insights on over 100 different platforms...You could say this is my way of encouraging developers to make their decisions based on research & facts rather than what some random user named FreeBritneyBih69 wrote in a YouTube comment… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The bottom line is, I LOVE development education, I LOVE helping developers level up and this book is my way of delivering on that.

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Best part? IT’S .99 FREAKING CENTS.(And it’s FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited):

The Encyclopedia of Online Coding Platforms drops November 1st!

Grab your preorder here:

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