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Quick advice for aspiring dev YouTubers

realtoughcandy profile image RealToughCandy.io Updated on ・1 min read

In this video I'm sharing a little bit about my YouTube channel and some quick advice for people who may be thinking about starting their own software/dev channel.

YouTube is part of my business and dev career, but it's by far my favorite part of the job!

I love sharing things with developers of all abilities from around the world.

Too long; didn't watch? If you're thinking about starting your own channel...GO FOR IT!

For lots more insights, tips, methods and techniques, I also recently published Tiny YouTube, a book on starting your own YouTube channel for fun and profit.

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Owner/Founder of www.realtoughcandy.io. Real-world web development! 100% indie software dev; author; instructor; follow me on YouTube! youtube.com/realtoughcandy


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