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How to learn JavaScript line by line

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I recently stumbled across an all-out awesome method for learning JavaScript and all its little quirks.

It's a very straightforward method but something that doesn't get mentioned a lot. Basically the idea came from Becca who posted on Twitter how she was dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed at work.

Much like journaling to express and organize ideas in one's head, Becca took a block of code and attacked it line by line.

Becca Original Tweet

Noting that for a 60-line code block she had produced over 70 questions, she also asked for feedback to check her understanding.

I only wish I had discovered this amazing method when I was first starting to learn JavaScript!

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A way of learning that I love is doing tutorials that are way over my head and googling all my questions as I go. I did this when doing Egghead.io's 'Javascript basics' playlist (Though not free, I definitely recommend Egghead)

The 4-minute tutorials take wayy longer than 4 minutes this way, but it's a pretty good way of learning a lot of new concepts from just learning one concept.