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Get your developer portfolio reviewed for FREE this Friday

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Greetings developers!

Do you have a developer portfolio that could use a second set of seasoned eyes?

This Friday, January 3rd at 2 PM CST TIME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 1 PM CST DUE TO VOLUME! I'll be doing a livestream on my YouTube channel exclusively reviewing your portfolios.

Some things I assess during the review:

  • First impressions
  • Messaging
  • UX/UI
  • Projects: strengths & improvement areas
  • Contact forms
  • Browser compatibility
  • More

It takes a lot of bravery to put your work in front of the world, but in return you will get a ton of practical, actionable advice from a working software developer who's helped developers just like you land a dev job. Thank you for sharing your work with me ā€“ā€“ I'm honored to help you on your developer journey.

Sound interesting? Leave a link to your portfolio in the comments below.

Alternately, you can send it via email (realtoughcandy at gmail dot com).

The deadline for submission is this Thursday, January 2nd at 11 pm CST.

Now let's see some portfolios!

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Hello! here's my portfolio


Anurag Hazra's portfolio

Made with <3 and Gatsby. Hosted on github pages.
source-code: github.com/anuraghazra/anuraghazra...



my portfolio link : codepen.io/RGog/full/LYEjjvr

as of now, i have not hosted it. I am less than one month into web development. I know its very simple. Your feedbacks are most welcome. Thanks


Thanks Gogulaanand. Hope to see you Friday!


I wish I even knew what a developer portfolio WAS. I understand that I should create one... it looks like I need to get up to speed!


Hey, thanks your review, even if it was a quick one and there wasn't much to say about my portfolio.
Would that be ok to re-send it to you once it is complete?


Hi Thomas, yes that sounds great! I'll be doing another live stream in a few weeks or so & will post here on Dev when the time comes nearer. Looking forward to checking it out.


That's an amazing opportunity, thank you for starting this!

Here's my portfolio: roelofjanelsinga.com/

I hope you get a chance to look at it, I'll be there on Friday!


Cool idea. One of these days, when I get that far I will try to get your eyes on mine. šŸ˜


Here is mine: I'm planning some changes in the near future but it will do for now: simonearonica.com

Made with React and hosted on Netlify


Iā€™d like for mine to get a look if you have time!



Oooo... Exciting!

This is my portfolio link: gokatz.me


Awesome, thanks for stepping up!


Hey, here is my portfolio

can you please review it :) ?


I'll add this to the top of the list when I do the next livestream in a few weeks. :)


Here is my portfolio it has 300 stars on github will be happy to get your review