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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Chess C++ Project

Hello guys! Err… I don’t know if there is someone who read this blog haha. But today I won’t tell about my college life. Just about the programming languages that I’ve learned in college. Wait, is that same? Okay, forget it. And here I present you the masterpiece of my codes in C++ which is I learn in the first semester. A chess program! Whoa, can you imagine that?

Alt Text

Just download the code and the playable program in my Github HERE. Sorry, the code is Indonesian only LOL.
Don’t worry, I will explain later those codes in the next posts. Of course if I’m not lazy haha. I think I will separate the tutorials in 8 posts. And special for you, I will make the C++ tutorials in English.
Btw, I collaborate with Vega, one of my friend, to make this chess program. That’s why you will see her name along with my name in the comment part for giving authorization. And this masterpiece was made for our final exam project in Algorithm Programming study. Oh yes, one more. There were some problems which weren’t solved, we still didn’t get any idea to make exact ways for every pieces. Even though we found the solutions from the internet, we still didn’t understand well about the codes. Actually the good one that we found had a very long codes. What the hell… I’m so done with codes 😩

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