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Discussion on: My Impressions of Hugo as a WordPress Developer

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René Baron • Edited

For we have been evaluating server solutions for single source publishing for cross-platform web, ebooks, PDF, print, newsletter etc., and haven discovered, that HUGO is a full blown development environment, that is great for doing this - especially for performance reasons (eGov sites have thousands of pages).
So I am no longer convinced that HUGO is for personal use and small sites only, but has everything to go large-scale enterprise levels with the right experts in place.
So, as a CTO, my primary concerns are speed (generation time and response time), security and having stuff under control. On all 3 Wordpress is falling behind and no cure in sight to get it better.
Maybe our requirements are beyond what normally Wordpress or HUGO are used for. However, my point here is, that the only reason why HUGO is mostly used as a homegrown geek-CMS, is because there is not much effort around to provide enterprise grade support in terms of workshops, events, marketing, consulting etc.
However, the potential to go this route is there.
Hugo is a Ferrari in the garage. It just requires someone to build the highways and do the advertisement for a next level adventure!!

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andreseduardop • Edited

An important opinion from experience. Thanks, René.
I agree with the need for a business approach supported by Hugo.
It is important to raise this issue with bep.

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Tyler Smith

Hugo is a great tool. For the kinds of sites that I build it typically isn't the best tool for the job, but if you have the right technical resources in place it could be a great fit!