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Did you participate in the previous year?


No, I did not, I had no idea about hacktoberfest last year. This will be my first time :D

Copy that. I too had no idea about this event. Btw this time Dev.to is also a sponsor of this event

Last year was my first time, it's seriously amazing to see the massive uptick in activity on just about every project on Github! And it feels great to give back to the projects we use daily but often take for granted.

Also, the shirts they give out are suuuuuuper awesome and comfortable 🤙


Man, I'm waiting for that since the beginning of the year! I want to contribute in a more meaningful way this year


Great! Are you an active open source contributor?


I intend to become one, that's one of the reasons I'm excited about hacktoberfest. What about you?

Same here as well. Thats the intention I too have for participating in this event


Proudly wearing 2018 Hacktoberfest T-shirt and super-excited about new challenges. <3


I did participate in 2016 and 2017 but I missed last year, but this year for sure I will be participating!


cant wait for the event in my country. this year im gonna contribute in some opensource instead of just a hello world pull req 👊 goodluck all

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