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Speed Up Wordpress Website

Website hosting is very important concern about wordpress website. Because wordpress websites has bulk of codes in their themes and plugins. Sometimes many wordpress website holders worries about their website speed. So, here we will discuss about the elements which plays a major role about website speed and website hosting. And the list of fastest hosting for wordpress.

Points effects the wordpress website speed:

WordPress Themes

Lighter the theme fast is the website which means you should use the lighter wordpress themes. Lighter wordpress themes does not have too many codes, does not have too many animations, effects, transitions. Your theme should be mobile friendly or AMP Ready. Your can also read this article to optimize your website for mobile how to optimize wordpress for mobile.

List of lightweight wordpress themes:

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra WordPress Theme
  • Neve WordPress Theme
  • Schema WordPress Theme
  • OceanWP WordPress Theme
  • StudioPress WordPress Theme
  • Divi WordPress Theme
  • Skin WordPress Theme
  • Elementor Hello Theme

WordPress Plugins

You should use less number of plugins in your website. But some themes required plugins so you should use those plugins which are only required by the theme. And remove those extra plugins which are not required.

Number of HTTP Request

You should use minimum hyperlinks in your wordpress website because it increases the page load time. You can read this article for details how to make fewer http requests in wordpress.

Remove Unused Javascript in wordpress

You should use minimum javascripts in your wordpress website because it increase the web page size. You should consider this article for details how to remove javascripts in wordpress.

Remove Unused CSS in WordPress

We consider to remove unused css or styles from your wordpress websites. Here is a detailed article to remove unused css from wordpress website how to remove css in wordpress.

After following these points you can move to best wordpress hosting providers.

Before purchasing the wordpress hosting you should consider:

  • Physical Memory – RAM : It should be 1gb to 2gb and more can be very speedy.
  • Disk Usage – Storage : It should be minimum 5gb and more storage can allow you store larger number of files and records in your database.
  • Database – MySQL : Most wordpress websites runs on mysql database. So, your hosting should have minimum of one mysql database with storage minimum upto 5gb. Many hosting providers includes database storage in website hosting storage so, you do not need to worry about this.
  • Email Accounts : Many hosting plans always includes email accounts. If your hosting does not have email accounts then you need to purchase email hosting as well from other providers. And Email Accounts is always an optional for your wordpress hosting.
  • CPU : Your hosting plan should have at least 1 CPU and more can speed up your website easily.
  • Bandwidth : Bandwidth is the major role for any website hosting because it allows how many users can access your website simultaneously. Many websites shows the error 503 Service Unavailable because their website hosting server does not have the ability( Bandwidth, CPU, RAM, Upload Speed, Download Speed, IO Usage, Number of Processes etc ) to handle the large number of concurrent users at the same time.
  • FTP Access : Your hosting plan should have FTP access to modify your website files.
  • PHPMyadmin Access : Your hosting plan should have phpmyadmin access to modify or alter your database.
  • SSL Certificate : You should have an SSL Certificate to secure your website. Some hosting plans includes SSL Certificate if they are not then you can create Free SSL Certificate and upload in your CPanel of your website.
  • Cpanel Access : Your hosting plan should have Cpanel Access or any kind of management panel to manage your website.

Here below is some hosting providers for wordpress websites:

Your website always matters. Because it increases Users Interaction, Website Traffic, Website SEO and Your Revenue. You can consider this article to increase your Website SEO how to increase seo on wordpress.

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The points you shared are quiet insightful, and along with these tips one should look out for the unused plugins, as plugins have a huge impact on the speed of your wordpress site. Along with that a good hosting provider and server is an important factor. Your website heavily depends on the hosting and managed wordpress hosting, right now is a very reliable option to go for. There are several hosting provider out there offering their services, but it depends on your requirements. Also choosing a web server is also important, litespeed right now, offers the best speed and optimization. There are other web server too that out performs litespeed in terms of popularity and customization.

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Rimsha Victor Gill • Edited

Thank you for your gracious words and recognition of the thorough information provided. It appears that you have addressed all the crucial elements.

Certainly! Litespeed WordPress hosting is specifically optimized for running WordPress websites. It offers features tailored for WordPress, such as pre-installed software, automatic updates, enhanced security, and specialized support.