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How to Make Quiz App in React

In this article, we will create a Quiz app in react. This Quiz game will be usual like other Quiz game. Here we will have some questions along with 4 options and scorecard. After answering all questions, the result will be appeared, and lastly we will have a button to restart the quiz.

So basically this is going to be a beginner-friendly project, so let’s make this project step-by-step.

Pre-requisites to Make Quiz App in React

  • Basic knowledge of ReactJS.
  • Basic knowledge of React hooks.
  • Basic knowledge of React props.
  • Good knowledge of React Components . ##Building Skeleton for Quiz App in React Let’s start with a little hard code, in return() statement, for questions, we have added a header tag for name of quiz, then another heading for score. Then, after we have hard coded our question and its options in the question card. And then lastly we have added result card where we have again hard coded correct answers and a restart button. This is just the beginning of the app, so it is right now hard coded, but we will improve this code after adding CSS.Read More

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