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Răzvan Stătescu
Răzvan Stătescu

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Twilio Chat/Video

Hi guys!

I'll soon have to implement private chat/video between users. Anyone any experience with Twilio on this side? Maybe can recommend some resources / GitHub repos?

Have a great day!

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

Hey Razvan, I have some experience working with Twillio-video library. This is a compilation of links that you might find useful.

You can start with this example vanilla JavaScript app made by Twilio team

They also have a React version but I found it too complicated to my needs but you'll see is very complete. The issue is also you'd need to understand all of the code to be able to make changes.

About Twilio token

In order to connect to the Twili API you'll have to generate tokens from a server app. In the Quickstart example they use an Express server but you can use Twilio functions (just what I did).

It's way simpler and you won't need any server (unless you already got one). I found this video very helpful but if you need help with the Twilio function I have code and some notes that I could share with you should you be stuck.

If you've got doubts or want to get some help, feel free to ping me via DM.

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Răzvan Stătescu

Thank you very much! This was very helpful. I'll drop you a message if I need more help 😃