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Tip 6: Bat, Rip, & Skim

Consider this the "Embrace Rust" tip post. If an app can be rewritten in Rust, then someone's probably done it already.

Here are my top 3 (Besides exa, as I covered that yesterday)


Bat is a cat rewrite, in Rust. It has colours. Lots of colours.

Alt Text


Ripgrep, as one can imagine, is a grep rewrite in Rust. Now, it's not got as many colours (Well, why would it?), but it's crazy fast.

Alt Text


Finally, one without a rusted name. Skim is a fzf alternative. It's good for presenting lists of content in a filterable fashion. Lets take a look at kill -9 followed by Tab

Thanks for tuning in,
Until next time 🤘

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