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Rawan Amr Abdelsattar
Rawan Amr Abdelsattar

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Flutter and Dart beginner to Study together ; )

I began to learn dart and flutter mobile development, I thought it will be better if I had Someone to learn with me, help me and study together , we can also build some projects after we learn some basics . Anyone there to study together ?
If so , tell me in the comments below !

If someone has good resource to learn from , also tell me in the comments.

Note : I don't study more than once a week (but sometimes I do more), because I have alot of school work these days as I am a preparatory 3 student and my exams drew near.

Go to see some of my posts (written totally be me) and encourage me to write more by following me , react and comment.

Thanks for reading 💜💜💜 !

My blog :

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I also have started learning....!

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Somoye Christopher

I'd love to join you, as i just started also. We can learn together

Take a look at this:


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