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Rawan Amr Abdelsattar
Rawan Amr Abdelsattar

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A young programmer's story ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป : Yes, it's just me ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‡

Hi !

I am Rawan Amr Abdulsattar , a 15-year-old girl intermediate software engineer, mobile app developer, and blogger.

My story is long, despite my age. There are a lot of stages that I have passed before being the last version of me.

The story begins...

I was in elementary school. The first time modern educational methods began to appear. It was very amazing for me - as a child - to watch my lessons on youtube or interactive lessons on Windows programs, especially for science and mathematics.

I was a fan of cartoons and the most character I was I love them 3 types: the scientist, the inventor, and the programmer (they often considered him a hacker).

So I loved technology very much and in the vacation, before the first grade of middle school, I knew that the computer and information technology curriculum would be added to the curriculum and I was happy and opened a video and discovered that the first lesson was about Scratch, and from here I knew what a programming language means.

But I felt that scratch would not allow me to do a lot of things, so I searched the Internet, and do not remember what happened exactly. I learned python and HTML and my first resource was an application called Sololearn and I was very happy when I got the Python certificate and other certificates from the programming hero application and two certificates from the Grasshopper application. It was an achievement .

Then I learned from youtube (at that time the Arabic content was very little and not of high quality, so I had to learn English, and this affected my listening skill, praise be to God) and it was one of the most important sources are two channels Tech with Tim and Freecodecamp and I downloaded many videos for javascript, python, java, C#, HTML, CSS.

My problem was that I didn't know which field to enter, so I tried a lot. I liked the field of AI and ML, but my mathematical knowledge was little that I was learning specific mathematics (along with the school's curicullum), but it was difficult and I only understood some simple algorithms.

I transferred and in the end, I settled on javascript and took mobile app development videos and courses, because even if there are many programmers, only a few will work, those who are really well educated and who have the determination. I

I decided to learn React and then React native, but I found Flutter more widespread and I started this year learning Dart and Flutter,.

My admission of my inexperience

But so far I do not recognize myself as a programmer because the projects that I have done are very few and simple, and there is no one to help me learn or advise me to take algorithms and data structures courses.

Therefore, there are some concepts that I don't understand. The only thing that I benefited from is praise I have a background in most fields and an understanding of basic concepts in programming languages.

My decision

But this year will be a big transformation in my life, God willing, and I will learn most or all of the list that I wrote in this post.

Any Advice

Be kind and give me an advice to be a better developer, it won't take you a minute.

Put them in the comment section below and if there is much I may put them in an article on their own so many people can benefit from them.

Encourage me to write more by following me here and also in my blog, give me a thumbs up . if you have any comments let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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Hussam Elmaghraby • Edited on

you are awesome , I think you should focus on solving problems.

rawan_amr_abdulsattar profile image
Rawan Amr Abdelsattar Author

Thanks for your nice advice !

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Arif Zuhairi

I think learning from real work experience will show most of us what we should do