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Love Mongodb ? Try Tigris db once.

Tigris db is one the best no sql database I came across after the mongodb.

We love mongodb for it's ease of use and features, powered queries easy model setup, complex operations.
But still there are many things we have to handle on our own, i.e. Environment based setup etc.

Whereas Tigris provide native integration for branching enviroments, we can setup the main, staging, dev branch for different database using env config.

In order to get one more step further we have a tigris db to explore. Let's discuss some key points difference of tigris db and mongodb to get more idea around it.

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How Tigris differ from MongoDB from the tigris doc

  • Unlike MongoDB, Tigris follows a modern composable architecture with loosely coupled components. Furthermore, compute is separated from storage, allowing for independent scaling and a more resilient system.
  • The storage layer in Tigris is built on FoundationDB, and Tigris inherits the strong consistency guarantees, and the scalability of FoundationDB.
  • Tigris provides automatic database sharding, and shard keys are unnecessary as the data distribution is automatically handled. This ensures true serverless behavior with no painful transition from a non-sharded to a sharded MongoDB cluster.
  • Tigris' open source Kubernetes-native design allows it to be deployed anywhere in the cloud in the user's account, ensuring that the user is always in control of their data.
  • Some other differentiating features include global interactive ACID transactions, consistent secondary indexes, and an integrated search platform.

To try the Tigirs database with express app, visit:
Signup, and create a test app. It'll provide a command set of npm. Create an express app using it and you'll be able to explore the codebase and queries.

Here's a reference of express tigris app:

Fun Fact: If we move to tigress db then our stacks will be as follow MEAN will be NEAT, and MERN will be TERN.

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Phil Leggetter

Thanks for the knowledge drop, @raviagheda 👍

I think we'll call the Tigris version of the MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js) NEAT ✨

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༺Rakesh Singh༻

Love the way u described 🔥

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Phil Leggetter

More details on the TERN stack in this Getting started with the TERN stack post I've just published.