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Is UIView (mostly) visible

If you've ever needed to check whether a view is visible to the user, you might have used the isHidden property. However, this method falls short in scenarios where a view can appear hidden due to overlapping by other views. To address this, I created a simple extension to provide a more comprehensive visibility check.

extension UIView {

    /// Checkes if the view is (mostly) visible to user or not.
    /// Internaly it checks following things
    ///  - Should NOT be hidden
    ///  - Should NOT be completely transparent
    ///  - Bound should NOT be empty
    ///  - Should be in some window i.e. in view heirarchy
    ///  - Center should be directly visible to user i.e. NOT overlapped with other views
    var isMostlyVisible: Bool {
        guard !isHidden,
              alpha > 0,
              let window,
              window.hitTest(window.convert(center, from: self.superview), with: nil) == self else {
            return false

        return true

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Here is the extension in action:

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Thank you for reading.

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