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Installing Amazon CodeWhisperer in VS Code

CodeWhisperer by Amazon is an AI Code Generator similar to GitHub Copilot by Microsoft but you can use it for free. follow these simple steps to get it up and running:

1. Install the AWS Toolkit extension

Search for AWS Toolkit in the extension panel on the left and click install to install it.

2. Disable Telemetry (optional)

Click the gear icon under AWS Toolkit extension and go to the Extension Settings. scroll all the way down and uncheck the Enable AWS Toolkit to send usage data to AWS. checkbox.

3. Sign up for an AWS Builder ID or Sign in if you already have one

•  Click on AWS at the bottom left of the VS Code window (to the left of CodeWhisperer) and you will be asked to choose a connection option.
•  Select Use a personal email to sign up and sign in with AWS Builder ID (just hit enter)
•  Click Copy Code and Proceed (click Open if you're asked to allow opening an external website)
•  Paste the code, click next, and sign up for an account using your email and password
•  In the Allow AWS Toolkit for VSCode to access your data? prompt, click Allow. you can close the browser now and go back to VS Code.
•  Click AWS at the bottom left again and select AWS Builder ID. now there should be checkmarks next to both AWS and CodeWhisperer indicating you've successfully connected to the service.

4. Test the functionality

•  Open a file in whatever language you're using (JavaScript, Python, etc.)
•  Write a comment like //function that adds two numbers
•  Press Alt+C (Option+C on Mac), CodeWhisperer should show you suggestions about writing the function. you can accept it by hitting Tab.

5. Enable Auto-Suggestions

•  You should now have an AWS icon on the left panel under Extensions. click on it.
•  In Developer Tools section, click the arrow next to CodeWhisperer to open it.
•  Click on Resume Auto-Suggestions

🎉 Congratulations! Now you have a working AI assistant programmer by your side!

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