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The Importance of Clean Code in JavaScript/TypeScript

Writing clean code is an important aspect of software development, as it makes the code more maintainable, readable, and scalable. However, it is not uncommon to see code written in a way that does not follow the best practices of clean coding.

Here is an example of a code in JavaScript/TypeScript that contains 10 common mistakes that violate clean code principles:

function x(a,b){
    var c=a+b;
    return c;
function y(x,z){
    return x*z;
function z(x,y){
    var p=x(y);
    return p;
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The same code, rewritten with clean code principles in mind, would look like this:

function addNumbers(a: number, b: number): number {
    const result = a + b;
    return result;
function multiplyNumbers(x: number, z: number): number {
    return x * z;
function processNumbers(processFunction: (num: number) => number, x: number): number {
    const result = processFunction(x);
    return result;
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Here are the benefits of using clean code principles in the rewritten code:

  1. Improved readability: The code is much easier to read, understand, and follow.

  2. Increased maintainability: The code is more maintainable, as it is less prone to bugs and easier to update.

  3. Better organization: The code is organized in a logical way, making it easier to navigate and maintain.

  4. Enhanced scalability: The code is scalable, as it can easily be extended and integrated with other parts of the application.

  5. Better code reusability: The code is reusable, as it can be used in other parts of the application without modification.

  6. Enhanced debugging: The code is easier to debug, as errors and bugs can be easily traced and fixed.

  7. Improved performance: The code is more performant, as it is optimized for efficiency.

  8. Better collaboration: The code is easier to collaborate on, as multiple developers can understand and work with it more easily.

  9. Improved documentation: The code is easier to document, as it is clear and self-explanatory.

  10. Better overall quality: The code is of higher quality, as it adheres to best practices and standards.

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