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Code, Kids, and Chaos: A Developer Dad's Journey

Living as a coder and a dad of two kids can seem like a daunting challenge. But for me, it's just a joyful chaos that brings me a lot of fulfillment.

As a re-careered front-end developer, I'm constantly learning and discovering new technologies. However, my two kids provide a welcome distraction that helps me maintain balance in my life. I'm passionate about code, but I'm also deeply in love with my kids.

The biggest challenge I face as a coding dad is finding a balance between my work hours and my children's homework.
I have set up a system to remedy this: weekends are devoted to the family, and from 18:00 every weeknight, all screens are turned off. This gives us enough time to focus on my children's homework.

Despite my efforts to balance things out, sometimes my programming habits interfere with my teaching during homework. I need to be aware of not speaking in technical terms with them, which can discourage them. Instead, I strive to use a positive educational approach, encouraging them to find solutions on their own and congratulating them on their effort and perseverance.

I've also learned to reward myself to stay motivated in my code learning. I dedicate an hour a day to a personal project that I'm passionate about and that allows me to flourish outside of my family obligations. This gives me the feeling of fulfilling my dreams while being a loving dad to my kids.

In the end, being a coder and a dad is not always easy, but it is certainly an exciting adventure. I am grateful for the love and support of my family, without which I could not balance my passion for code with my life as a dad. And that's what matters most to me in the end.

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