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Run Logic App workflow using postman

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In our previous blogpost I have shared How Get Logic App workflow details using postman in this blog I am going share a simple code which you can use to trigger logic app workflow from postman or REST API.

In our last blog we have created postman collection we are going to use the same here and add new request to the collection{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{logicAppName}/hostruntime/runtime/webhooks/workflow/api/management/workflows/{workflowName}/triggers/{triggerName}/{action}?api-version=2018-11-01

Here in this case:

  • subscriptionId : Azure subscription Id
  • resourceGroupName : name of the resource group in which logic app is created.
  • logicAppName: logic app name.
  • workflow name: logic app workflow name, one logic app can have multiple workflow
  • triggerName: name of the trigger type of your logic app workflow (e.g.: Recurrence)
  • action: run

trigger name for the workflow you can find on the dashboard of the logic app

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Once you have all this information you can simply trigger the logic app workflow from postman.

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Here is the result:

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That's it really, this a simple example of how to use postman to run the logic app workflow.

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