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100 Tips from The Pragmatic Programmers Book: Part 9/10

9.1. Don’t Think Outside the Box—Find the Box.

When faced with an impossible problem, identify the real constraints. Ask yourself: “Does it have to be done this way? Does it have to be done at all?”


9.2. Don't Go into the Code Alone.

Programming can be difficult and demanding. Take a friend with you.


9.3. Agile Is Not a Noun; Agile Is How You Do Things.

Agile is an adjective: it’s how you do something.


9.4. Maintain Small Stable Teams.

Teams should be small and stable, where everyone trusts each other and depends on each other.


9.5. Schedule It to Make It Happen.

If you don’t schedule it, it’s not going to happen. Schedule reflection, experimentation, learning and skills improvement.


9.6. Organize Fully Functional Teams.

Organize Around Functionality, Not Job Functions. Don’t separate UI/UX designers from coders, frontend from backend, testers from data modelers, design from deployment. Build teams so you can build code end-to-end, incrementally and iteratively.


9.7. Do What Works, Not What’s Fashionable.

Don’t adopt a development method or technique just because other companies are doing it. Adopt what works for your team, in your context.


9.8. Deliver When Users Need It.

Don’t wait weeks or months to deliver just because your process demands it.


9.9. Use Version Control to Drive Builds, Tests, and Releases.

Use commits or pushes to trigger builds, tests, releases. Use a version control tag to deploy to production.


9.10. Test Early, Test Often, Test Automatically.

Tests that run with every build are much more effective than test plans that sit on a shelf.

Thanks for reading, happy coding 😀

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