How to get motivated to code?

raisaugat profile image Saugat Rai ・1 min read

How do you all get motivated to learn and code? Recently I have not been able to focus on my coding journey.

Any tips and tricks you'd like to share?


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What helped me was finding a project I cared about. It shifts programming from being the point itself into being a means to an end, enabling you to solve an interesting problem. Like anything, it's easier to want to learn something if you have a real-world immediate application for it.


I think I would try it. Right now I am just following tutorials and copying what they do. But I like you idea or turning programming to a means.
Thanks a lot for suggestions :) Happy coding.


Yep, it's a super easy pattern to fall in to! Tutorials can be really helpful, especially if you then try to add your own functionality on top of what they show you, but only to a point. It's a lot more satisfying to come up with a solution yourself!

It doesn't even need to be something brand new and unique, see if you can recreate Reddit's UI or build a Minesweeper game on your own, starting from a blank file. Just pick something that interests you!

Reddit UI recreate would be sick though haha!
This is a great idea because you don't need to worry about how the layout looks. I think I would adapt this pattern. :)


I motivate myself to write so that with good results I can get into a cool company, where I will create or become a part of something cool and breakthrough. And of course, there will be a cool salary. I am already doing informative speech essays here edubirdie.com/informative-speech-e... for students in the best writing service. So my motivation helped me.


I like your optimistic perspective. Guess it'll help a lot to motivate oneself.