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What is AWS InfiniDash?

Rain Leander
A systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with open source, cloud, and edge technologies.
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TL;DR: AWS InfiniDash is a fake project.

It started innocently enough, with tweet:

I am convinced that a small and dedicated group of twitter devs could tweet hot takes about a completely made up AWS product, idk AWS Infinidash or something, and it would appear as a requirement on job specs within a week

— Joe Nash (@jna_sh) June 30, 2021

And it exploded from there.

Ellen Korbes made an explanatory spoof video:

hope this helps someone re: infinidash #i8h

— @ellenkorbes (@ellenkorbes) July 2, 2021

Sy Brand followed up with their own explanation using a bubble machine and their cat:

AWS Infinidash explained with a bubble machine I found in a cupboard and my cat

— Sy Brand (@tartanllama ) July 2, 2021

The most AMAZING song was composed and performed:

An ode to Infinidash - the imaginary AWS service!

— Forrest Brazeal (@forrestbrazeal ) July 1, 2021

Massive application developer, Signal, followed up with their own tweet:

Here at Signal we have always placed an emphasis on developer productivity, so Infinidash lifecycle management has been at the core of everything we do from the jump. We hire for it accordingly:

— Signal (@signalapp) July 2, 2021

And, yes, a stream with a live demo arrived:

Y'all aren't ready for this AWS #Infinidash live stream

Make sure you like and subscribe!🔔

— Justin Garrison (@rothgar ) July 2, 2021

Now that you understand the joke, too, please don't bash on recruiters, AWS, or anyone who isn't in on the joke.

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Helen Anderson

Welcome to Dev!

You might not have realized, but DEV actually allows folks to embed tweets using Liquid Tags.

All you need is the tweet id from the url like this:

{% twitter 1414617049112920076 %}

By the way, here's a link to the editor guide where you can see other liquid tags and formatting options. Hope this is helpful!