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Rainer Hahnekamp
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Ng-News: Issue 22/05

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Angular team plays game and answers your questions

Mark and Jeremy from the Angular team did their monthly video session where they answered questions. Probably the most interesting part was a discussion why Angular doesn't or can't just use jsx. Jsx comes from React, and is an extension to JavaScript that allows you to mix HTML directly into JavaScript code.

According to Jeremy, the way that directives work, prevents the usage of jsx. But if you want, you can use inline templating.

Next to that, they recommended extensive learning material on accessibility.

There were of course questions about the upcoming Angular 14. Mark and Jeremy didn't promise any features, but we already know that the Angular DevTools will be integrated into the main Angular repository.

pnpm 6.29

Pnpm was released in version 6.29. Pnpm is an alternative package manager to npm. It uses caching and other tricks to significantly reduce the disk size and speeds up the creation of your node_modules directory.

You should definitely give it a try, but you also have to be aware of potential risks. For example, you could have issues with dependencies that mutate some parts in the node_modules directory. If you are not on Angular 13, then ngcc, which is the compatibility compiler, will do that.


Angular GitHub Issue on support pnpm


Chome 98

Google released Chrome in version 98.

Chrome 98

Cypress 9.4 & Jest 27.5

We had minor version updates with Cypress 9.4, and Jest 27.5

Speaking of Jest, it turned out that the complete project is maintained by a single person only which isn't even an employee of Facebook. This comes as a surprise because Jest is more or less the default testing framework in JavaScript.

Cypress 9.4 Release Notes

Simen B. on maintaining Jest

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