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Rails Designer v0.10.0 released: Stats and Tabs

Version 0.10.0 was just released including two new components! 🤩

First off: Hello 100 Rails Designers! 👋🥳 Yes, you are now one of 100 Dalmatians! 🐶 This went way faster than anticipated, so instead of moving the price to $99 (as I intended), I take one extra step and move it to $69 (one-time purchase still!) until Rails Designer V1 drops. 🤑

The 0.10.0 release comes with a cool new StatComponent (no 3rd party JavaScript involved!). It is quite versatile: just showing some stat (eg. New Customers), add a previous value (eg. last month) and it shows the difference in percentage. It can also display 3 types of charts: bar, horizontal_bar and stacked_bar. Simply pass it an array of hashes like this: [{x: 1, y: 2}, {x: 3, y: 4}, {x: 5, y: 6}]. Pretty awesome, I think!

Image description

Image description

This week I released a new gem: rails_icons. It is an icon library-agnostic gem (Heroicons being the first to be supported). It will soon be packaged by default with Rails Designer too (replacing all inline SVGs)!

📦 New

✅ Improvement

  • Text tweaks to the initializer
  • Added Current session to StackedListComponent Active sessions variant
  • Use component_base_class in SidebarComponent

💅 Additions

  • New HovercardComponent variant
  • New Avatar::StackedComponent variant
  • New SlideOverComponent variant

🎷🐛 Bugfix

  • Fix Named Export for Stimulus controllers (when using importmaps)
  • Force appended actions when running a generator from Library (it would stall otherwise)
  • Fix obstructing Notification Overlay (using pointer-events)

Interested in sharing Rails Designer with the Ruby on Rails community? Become an affiliate (and get 25% commision)! 🤑

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