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Railson Ferreira de Souza
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Docker Image Bun + Node + Yarn

Hello there! 👋

Recently, Bun 1.0 was released, and since it seems to follow the "node shape" of doing things, transitioning to Bun shouldn't be that difficult.

If you are a DevOps engineer, and your developer colleagues are quite excited to use Bun, what I have here could help you a bit. I've created a Docker Image based on Bun, which includes Node and Yarn. You can find it here:

Here's a use case for it:

# Dockerfile
FROM bunlovesnode/bun:1.0.0-node18

  if [ -f bun.lockb ]; then bun install --frozen-lockfile; \
  elif [ -f yarn.lock ]; then yarn --frozen-lockfile; \
  elif [ -f package-lock.json ]; then npm ci; \
  elif [ -f pnpm-lock.yaml ]; then yarn global add pnpm && pnpm i --frozen-lockfile; \
  else echo "Lockfile not found." && exit 1; \
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I intend to keep this image updated initially, as we expect to replace everything if the intention is to use Bun.

I hope this can be of help.

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