Please guide me! I'm a Noob

rahman profile image Hafizur Rahman ・1 min read

Hello ,
I want to become fullstack webdev . Currently i'm completed html and css basics . should i learn advance css3 and sass or just switch to learn javascript ??
Is it necessary to master in css animation to become an webdev??


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Should I learn advance css3?
Well you should, because css3 is heavily used.

Should I learn sass?
Your choice, but in my opinion learn javascript first.

Is it neccesary to master in css animations to become webdev?
No, but you should learn the basics of transition, transform, keyframes.


First learn HTML as you said noob
then create websites in that then
learn css and then create animations and fun things in css
for comfortable with html it will take week
then give 2 to 4 weeks to css then learn saas
and then learn javascript it will take month also because you need to learn all baisc terminologies like loops conditions and other things like ES6 and then choose stack MERN//MEVN and you can also learn python also but go for react/angular/vue after learning javascript thoroughly and then PATH your's
Good luck all 😊👋🤝🌟