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A Corvid-19 Widget for the Plash Server

raguay profile image Richard Guay Updated on ・1 min read

Well, with all the noise about the Corvid-19 virus, I decided to make a widget that works with my Plash server project.

I have a full tutorial series on my personal blog site. My latest tutorial is a Corvid-19 widget and a Text widget. This widget will show the current infection rate for any country you are interestd in. On my background, it shows for Thailand (where I live) and the USA (where I’m from).

This series assumes you know very little about Svelte. I am trying to use it as a way to get more people interested in Svelte framework and know how to use if for their needs. I think it makes a great playground to learn Svelte.

I would love to see your comments on this series. All code is located on my GitHub repository for the PlashServer. Fork it, expand it, and send me some pull requests. It would be a lot of fun to have a community contributing to this project.

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