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Rafal Wilinski
Rafal Wilinski

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Show CMD + K for AWS Console extension

Hi everyone,

How many times you felt lost in the AWS Console? All the services, regions, and suboptimal UI make using AWS troublesome.

Built-in search also doesn't help. Often in returns irrelevant results and most importantly, it's not context aware, it knows nothing about your resources.

I decided to solve this problem and created this:

CloudTempo - Fast & Smart Command Bar for AWS Console

CloudTempo lets you:

  • Quickly find your AWS resources:

Searching your resources

  • Even if you're not sure what's the name; fuzzy matching included:

CloudTempo fuzzy matching

  • Use query language to precisely find that pesky resource:

CloudTempo's query language

And much more!

CloudTempo is available for Chrome and MS Edge.

Learn more about it here

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