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Supercharge Your Productivity with Increaser: Now on ProductHunt!

Hey fellow developers,

I'm excited to share that my productivity tool, Increaser, is now live on ProductHunt! 🎉

Check it out on ProductHunt

What is Increaser?

Increaser is a productivity toolkit tailored for knowledge workers like us—programmers, designers, marketers, engineers, and students. It's designed to help remote workers, who often juggle multiple tasks and need a better work-life balance.

Why Increaser?

As developers, we understand the importance of deep work and maintaining focus. Increaser helps you structure your work into 90-minute blocks, enhancing your productivity. Here are some features you'll love:

  • Deep Work Timer: Break your work into manageable 90-minute sessions with short breaks.
  • Time Tracking: Get detailed insights into how you spend your time on different projects.
  • Task Management: Organize your tasks by deadlines and projects, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Work Budgeting: Set your preferred work hours and track your patterns.
  • Time Planning: Budget your project time and monitor your progress.
  • Habit Tracking: Maintain productive habits with a robust tracking system.
  • Scheduling: Plan your daily schedule visually and adjust key events.

My Journey with Increaser

I've been working on Increaser for over five years as a solo developer. Balancing this passion project with a full-time job has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. Increaser has not generated revenue yet, but the feedback from early users has been invaluable.

Key Features in Depth

Deep Work Timer

As developers, staying in the flow state is crucial. Increaser's deep work timer helps you stay focused by breaking your work into 90-minute blocks, with short breaks to recharge.

Time Tracking

Track your work hours down to the minute with Increaser's time tracking feature. Get a clear overview of how much time you spend on each project, and generate detailed reports to analyze your productivity.

Task Management

Keep your tasks organized and prioritized. Increaser allows you to group tasks by deadlines and projects, ensuring you stay on top of your to-do list.

Work and Project Budgeting

Set your work hours and budget your time across different projects. Whether you're working on client projects, personal projects, or open-source contributions, Increaser helps you manage your time effectively.

Habit Tracking

Building productive habits is key to long-term success. Increaser's habit tracking feature lets you monitor and maintain daily habits, with analytics to track your progress.

How You Can Help

  1. Visit the ProductHunt Page: Check out Increaser on ProductHunt.
  2. Upvote: If you find Increaser valuable, please give it an upvote. Every vote helps in getting more visibility.
  3. Comment: Share your thoughts, feedback, or just say hi! Engaging with the community helps drive more interest.
  4. Share: Spread the word on social media, in your networks, or with anyone who might benefit from Increaser.

Thank You!

Your support means the world to me and will help Increaser reach more developers who can benefit from a powerful productivity toolkit. Let's make productivity fun and effective together!

Best regards,


Feel free to connect with me and follow Increaser’s progress:

Start your productivity journey with Increaser 🚀

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