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DevOps World Virtual Event 2020

Thousands of practitioners, developers, managers, and leaders from around the world come together to share best practices, get hands on experience, and make new connections in the industry through this virtual event which was organized by CloudBees and was sponsored by several companies like Google , Amazon , Jfrog and many others.

If you’re interested in the future of DevOps, DevOps World is a chance to get inspired by experts and look at what the future holds. It caters to the full DevOps ecosystem and brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and community contributors from around the world, providing attendees the opportunity to learn, explore, network virtually, and transform the future of software delivery. This is a virtual event where ideas from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints are shared to give all attendees better insights.

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(This is the home page of the event , where you can find the options of Expo Hall, Sessions, Sponsors and also the numbers of online attendees and chat box)

Registration was free. The live DevOps World event has now finished on 22nd-24th September and if you have attended at least one session from start to end and visit and interacted in at least one virtual sponsor booth. You will be eligible for a voucher - vouchers will be distributed after the event and can be used for the following certifications: *Certified Jenkins Engineer or CloudBees Certified Jenkins Engineer*. More information about these certifications can be found on

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(DevOps World features keynotes, breakout sessions and networking sessions to bring together global leaders and practitioners)


Any event is made popular by its sponsors only. Brand and Company marks the success of any event and in this event the main sponsors were Google, aws, sauce labs, sonatype, Tricentis. You can also get your company sponsor the event out there – You will be visible to the DevOps community as well as industry leaders throughout the pre-conference promotional activities, during the event and in the post-event publicity.

Networking Opportunities:
As a sponsor, your presence positions you as part of the overall DevOps ecosystem. We are making updates to ensure your virtual experience is as hands-on as possible so you can network with more people just like you!

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(All the event sponsors of DevOps World 2020)

Sponsors Booth

Showcasing and highlight stakeholders is a large priority for many events. Companies have booths at the virtual event, which is important to offer other ways that attendees can find and connect with these companies remotely.
Company profiles offer a few key features that helps to create a making interact with attendees and exhibitors in intuitive easy. Company representatives at the event offers a direct link to their People profile where their bios and contact details can be found. Additionally, attendees will have access to send a message or suggest a meeting once they have made their way to profile for a representative, allowing them to connect virtually and learn more.
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(Booths have some cool offers and give away swags)

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These were my insight from the event , you can further check them here :

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