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What non-coding skills do you want to learn next?

radiomorillo profile image Stephanie Morillo twitter logo ・1 min read

In addition to coding-related things you're working on, what are some non-coding skills/fields you want to learn about next? These can be coding-adjacent (like user research or project management) or something new entirely (marketing).

Are you using any resources to help you learn these skills? Which do you recommend?

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Business Communication skills , as an extrovert this has been a hard challenge,but I’m still determined.


??? how can being an extrovert make communication harder?


woops, sorry for the delayed response , but what i meant was in that it should in theory , be easier for me as an extrovert , but because i'm not , it makes it harder.

hope i didn't confuse you lol :)


ironically its the foundation to top-class products :)


That's so goog. Work with people it's the best. I lik count up and speach


Writing skills. Technical writing for software documentation (user manual, testing manual, design manual, etc) and content writing for blogging and articles. I don't have any resources. Your post is probably what I needed to start looking for some.


Hey Dan! Can I offer some suggestions?

Hope this helps! :)


Hi Stephanie!

Great Stuff. These sources look great. Thanks a million 🙌🏼


Thanks for the content. Don't we have any free online course in substitute to the san diego extension

I have not come across any free online courses that are similar in scope, unfortunately.


I'm not pretty sure if this is valid for your question but I'm learing data análisis and it is meaning to learn some maths and statistics that I've already forgotten. I'm using khan academy for the maths and Udemy tutorial for the data science concepts and methods


It’s definitely valid! I was on a data analysis learning kick a few months ago; mostly SQL and Excel, but also some statistics. I work on a team that relies heavily on business intelligence (though not my role). What are you hoping to use these skills for?


I hope to apply them in my job, and try to create a department focused on the data analysis, also I want to use it in some of my personal projects, maybe trying to offer a solution as a consulting using data analysis. :D


I would love to be more skilled in Teaching technical things. 🧑🏼‍🏫
I am gonna start with Streaming short explanations about technical concept around Security.
As showed in the Lewis' Pyramid,
Lewis Pyramid of Learning

when you are teaching something to someone else, you are actually doing a lot of good to yourself as well.

It can look a little selfish, but it helps both sides actually. 🤝
I started recently a Twitch channel to do that and hope to push more contents in the future.


I agree with this so much! There's nothing selfish about teaching others in order to learn better; it's mutually beneficial. :)

If you're interested, General Assembly made their course "How to Teach Online" available for free. This might be a helpful resource. Best of luck with your Twitch channel!


Thanks for the link.
I'll definitely have a look at it.


That is a very useful infographic, thank you very much!


Right now, I'm pretty focused on enhancing my communication skills in English. I've been underestimating for a long and now, at this point in my career, have the ability to express good and clear insights is a MUST.


That's great! Are you using any resources to help you? By communication skills, do you mean in general (reading, writing, speaking) or are you focusing on one at a time?


Currently, I trying to get better in each one, but specifically in speaking. The method that I'm using is turning my whole environment in English, any content I consume or any device I use must be in English. Also, I have a conversation group with my coworkers. Have you any recommendations? I'd appreciate any suggestions. :D

I don't know if this is true in all Slack communities, but some Slack communities pair people up for coffee chats and stuff—that may be an option. :) I've also heard Duolingo is a good place to get the opportunity to practice but I haven't experienced this myself. Something that would work would be recording short videos/screencasts/podcasts, or starting a Twitch channel and going live coding or gaming and talking to people that way!


In terms of coding adjacent, I want to get better at writing and communicating in general. In terms of resources, I thought Radical Candor by Kim Scott was a great book on communicating. And for writing I read On Writing Well by William Zissner. But I feel like both of these things take a lot of practice, it's almost like coding except I can't run test cases to make sure my writing is up to par :D.


Oh definitely. Writing and communication does take a lot of practice, but it helps knowing that even the best writers and communicators still have a lot to improve upon. I've been a writer most of my career and seeing some of my writing from 10 years ago makes me realize how far I've come!

Are you using any resources to help? What's the main challenge you're facing: is it the time needed to improve your writing or something else?


I'm not using any resources currently. Do you have any suggestions? The biggest challenge I face is getting something out of draft into a published post. I feel like I lose steam. Either I think it's not worth writing about or I edit it for so long I give up on it.

Well, I did write a book that helps developers do just that. It's called The Developer's Guide to Content Creation. :) No pressure, but if you want to learn more you can click the link here. And as a bonus, I'll send you an invite to an upcoming virtual content AMA I'm hosting in 10 days.

Otherwise, I do link out to some resources throughout the discussion thread, but nothing about the specific problem you have here. If you purchase the book and have questions as you read it, you can always reach out to me on Twitter. :)


I would say that I am really curious about HR as not only it would put at an advantage in the job market knowing the "tricks" but also would help me to better deal with various intrapersonal situation when dealing with my collegues


Ooo this is a good one! You’re totally right; understanding HR in terms of career growth is extremely valuable. What resources have you found that are useful to you?


I really want to improve my French and English languages, also I want to work on communication skills, I want to go out of my career zone, I want to learn/do something that keeps my mind buzzy and gives my some peaaaace - but I do not know what it is this thing yet - I am open for any suggestions !!!
thanks @radiomorillo


What do you mean by "go out of my career zone"? What kinds of things are you interested in?


I mean doing something not related to IT domain. My real problem is I am not interested in anything. Can you suggest me something to do ?

A lot of folks in the discussion thread seem to be interested in writing, design, and data analytics. Maybe look through the discussion thread for some inspiration! :)


Not sure if it's related to your questrion but lately I've started getting into music production and it's just so fun :)


This is absolutely relevant to my question. :) What software are you using? I admire folks who are into music production; some of these DAWs require a lot of work and patience to learn! :D


I'm using FL studio, it's much more customizable than ableton and that's important to me, and yeah they do require a lot of work and patience but so does programming, and I see a lot of similarities in studying programming or studying music production. So you know it's all about that mindset. :)

I've used Ableton for over a decade, but I've always been a little jealous of the cool stuff you can do in FL! The Patcher, Harmor, and that FM synth (Sytrus, I think?) are all just completely wild! Maximus is outstanding, too!

Also, +1 for the similarities between programming and music production.

Yes it's pretty amazing piece of software even though I'm still learning every bit and piece of it.

I hope one day I can be a music producer with programming job on a side. :)


I believe i want to get good at reading and writing :)


That’s awesome! What kind of writing are you interested in?


My writing in general. I really suck, but specifically content writing

Oh, Thanks stephaine !!

I aleardy red the second post and it was awesome. And i will read the rest i will follow you :)

Will you be bringing these posts to this site?


In addition to coding? Three essential skills:

  1. Start and finish what you started skill
  2. Sit down for hours in front of the computer, problem solving without stress skill
  3. Have fun while doing the first two skill

It's related to code but I'm currently refreshing and reinforcing my math knowledge and plan to soon dabble in statistics as I want to eventually pivot into a career in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I also want to eventually deepen my scientific knowledge in areas like physics and get into investing eventually too. I also have an interest in entrepreneurship and want to get into that one day. Lots of future goals I have but most of them are locked up due to my job search. :(


I have always been in interested in writing. My interest peaked when I started reading ton of stuff everyday and I'm loving it!
Recently wrote an article on Medium, my second. I don't have much expectation on it. The goal is to get legible feedback on where I am and how to proceed.
Here is the link if you want to the article to help out a fellow dev. Thanks.


I’m currently trying to learn more about learning design and how to design interesting coding exercises for my students.

Also trying to improve my writing skills!


Awesome! Do you mean graphic/visual design? Any projects you're working on to help you with your design skills? (And ditto for writing!)


Mostly UX ( but some visual design in regards to how you read text. Currently not working on any specific side project more dabbling around you could say :)

Got it! I'm sure you're looking at a bunch of resources but in case this helps, I put together a list of free (and some $) UX design resources for folks who want to learn more about the field and its subdisciplines: :)


One I've been meaning to learn is Digital Markering, which I technically do as part of my day job, so... probably good to have an actual, professional teaching in it. :P


Ooo very cool! What about digital marketing specifically? And how does it currently fold into your day job?


I'd love to get an actual feel for social media analytics and how to actually, you know, do well on social media that's not just my personal.

I'm both building an eCom site (ahh scary) and running all forms of digital ads and platforms for the hardware store I work in. I like to think I do it well, but in all honesty I'm just going with what I think feels right.

Gotcha! Have you taken a look at HubSpot's blog for social media tips? They're a really well known marketing automation platform and they publish a LOT of free content around all things marketing. I found them really helpful early on in my career and they're a great place to start. :)


I'm working on improving UIs for my projects by creating mock-ups in Krita. I usually just draw them out, but I thought a more substantial source for my project ideas would make it easier to go from designs to code.


Nice! I haven't used Krita before; will check it out. :)


i really really want to learn CGI and video editing


That's pretty awesome! Have you found resources/programs you'd like to use to learn both of these?


I want to learn to write and combine an ebook


That's so funny—I'm writing my next eBook about that!

What do you want to write an eBook about?


Currently I'm studying public speaking and accounting, why public speaking? Because I really suck whenever I try to explain some non technical things. As for accounting I just want to.


Yes to public speaking! That's something I can improve on, too. I'd be curious to see if there are online resources for this; if you know any, please share!

As for accounting: I see that as a plus. :)


Problem solving! I think that's not entirely coding related but it will help tremendously with coding


Communication and talking through my thoughts. Time management and prioritizing tasks better. Improving focus.


I'd like to learn how to finish pieces of music. I'm pretty competent and engineering, but the writing process has always been a struggle for me.


Blogging, I'm really bad at being consistent at that.


What's the most difficult part about blogging consistently for you?


Topics, mostly. And sometimes I end up picking topics and run out of steam midway, and then the articles stay abandoned indefinitely

Gotcha! Can I offer a recommendation? I wrote a blog post called 4 sources of endless content ideas which may be of help! :)


I want to learn how to be news-aware and can take advantage of the real world role.


Language: Chinese / Japanese / Korean
Tech related: Data Analytic


Very cool! What specifically about data analytics do you want to learn?


Staying as often and as long as possible in no-mind state. That's not easy, but my live is getting easier and more beautiful.


I would like to accure good communication skills, little graphical designing and also some sort of data analytic technologies, like Matlab etc.


That's awesome! Have you come across any helpful resources?


I want to bea graphics designer, make beautiful illustrarions and animations, edit videos..


That's great! Have you found any good resources for learning graphic design?


Well I have access to Linkedin Learning. That has a ton if courses on each aspect if creative design


I want to learn to take notes efficiently since I have a goldfish brain.
I have found a cool platform, trying to utilize it.


I'm a Notion fan, but not as consistent as I should be with using it!


I nod to copy an script deribates on hash by run java script code. I think the chrome don make hash type.


Video Editing Skills with Premiere Pro - I have a few beginners course registered to start with, I highly recommend Udemy, as there are still some great free courses from amazing authors too.


Ahh yes—always a good one. :) Any helpful resources? There are lots of Agile project management books and courses on the market—I'm open to recommendations!


Working on learning how to design webpages and UIs, especially with CSS and derivatives, but I'm not sure whether CSS falls in the domain of coding or designing.

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