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Exploring Sliver C2 - Part 0


Sliver is an open-source cross-platform adversary emulation framework, written in Go. With tones of stealth and evasion techniques, aimed at providing to organizations a framework against which they can measure their detection/response capabilities.


The primary aims of this endeavor are to:

  • Step-by-Step explore some features of sliver
  • Understand how they're implemented in the code
  • Develop detection techniques which are resistant to trivial obfuscation pipelines.
  • And more importantly, to steal some Go programming tips ;)

Sliver has an amazing set of features, but what i wish to specifically explore for the moment revolve around.

  • C2 over mTLS (mutual TLS)
  • C2 over wireguard
  • C2 over HTTP(S)
  • C2 over DNS
  • Dynamic compilation with per-binary asymmetric encryption keys


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