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Discussion on: Keep your AKS worker nodes up-to-date with kured

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Hey, @cdennig . First of all thanks for this post. There is also an official documentation on how to install kured on AKS:
One thing to mention here is that the current chart doesn't work with AKS out of the box. The authors used /sbin/systemctl reboot as default reboot command in the chart which doesn't work on Ubuntu nodes. You need to manually overwrite it to /bin/systemctl reboot – which is the application default – to make it work. This is also not covered in the official documentation. I honestly have no idea why the chart's default is using /sbin... ...

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Christian Dennig Author

Thank you for pointing out...btw, there are now built-in tools in AKS where you can automate that kind of tasks even without kured. You can use the cluster auto-upgrade feature (updated OS images are provided once a week) in combination with "planned maintenance windows" (currently still preview).