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World's First GenAI Powered API Testing Cloud

This is most definitely a shameless plug, but we really couldn't help but brag on the various teams who made this all happen. So bear with us through a bit of happy crying and shoutouts, then we'll get to the meat of the platform.

Firstly, thank you to the team of developers who worked tirelessly to craft something truly innovative and next-gen. Those aren't just buzzwords, we truly believe what was created will impact how people test APIs from here on out. Thank you, again, for the adjustments and pivots made when given feedback and had the product reviewed to make it better for all users!

Secondly, thank you to our team who made the webpage and COUNTLESS changes to it through the many months of revising and editing. The webpage is dynamic and interactive, and we know the last minute changes probably cramped a few people's styles, but hey, we're live!

Alright, now let's dive on into the platform that we're so happy to announce is finally live for the public!

As the title might suggest, our team worked to create a platform that is unique in its own right. AI is flooding the marketplace and everyone is trying to grab the first place spot for "most innovative". We truly believe our development team did exceedingly well by creating the world's first GenAI powered API testing cloud: QAPi.

QAPi Homepage

QAPi was meticulously designed, and special attention was brought to every aspect of the platform. The UI/UX team wanted to ensure that the platform is as easy to use as possible, so that even the most non-technical user on the team would be able to test and things would make sense to them.

Many of the clickable icons within the platform are shaped like a 'Q', for 'quality'. We sat down with the design team and they told us they wanted everything about the platform to communicate that what users are testing with is truly of quality design.

QAPi Design

Okay, this is all really cool, but what about the GenAI? Our developers created an API bot that introduces itself when you sign up for the platform! This bot will help you navigate onboarding and will even help build a few example tests to familiarize you with the platform. After that, you're on your own... Just kidding! AI features like NOVA within the platform will help create test cases for you in seconds! There's so much more AI integrated into the platform, but you'll just have to use it to find out;)

NOVA AI in Use

Speaking of using the platform, we've considered the cost that most people are paying for other API platforms and we decided to make our first tier absolutely free (conveniently called Freemium). This will give you enough leeway to test APIs to your hearts content with no cost forever. And ever, and ever.

A Pro version is available for additional cost when you decide you want more firepower in your tool-belt. But, like we said, Freemium is absolutely free forever. You just need to sign up!

We'd love for you to check out the platform for yourself, run a few tests, then share your feedback with us here in the comments! Don't be shy, feedback is the best way to help make products the best they can be, and we're dedicated to innovation and quality!

Try out QAPi by clicking here!

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