What kind of DevOps content do you want?

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Hey everyone!

If you've been following along with my Learning DevOps In Public series, you know I have some content in the pipeline. Mostly about building out a Raspberry Pi K8s/K3s cluster and about how to migrate your Docker Compose projects to Kubernetes manifests to Helm charts.

But, since there seem to be a lot of people who are interested in starting to work with containers, I'm curious what you all want to read about!

I've had to teach myself everything from writing my first bits of PHP to getting applications ready for a production OpenShift environment, and I really don't want any of you to have to experience that pain alone.

If there's anything you're interested in learning about or need some kind of clarification on, throw it in the comments. We can start a discussion and I'm sure people can pop in to answer questions in the moment, but it'll also give me an idea of the kind of content that will help everyone here become stronger developers!

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Continuous deployment with Gitlab + Kubernetes in the cloud


That's on the docket! One of the reasons I'm setting up the K8s Bramble in the first place is to get some practice in with GitLab CI.


I think deployment is a big part of what I need even without the pipeline in place.

Also knowing the basics of Linux and how to ssh into environments would be very helpful


What platform(s) do you need to know how to deploy to?


It would be great to better understand AWS and digital ocean to name a few. I managed to teach myself how to use docker to package up an app to run on DO or EC2 or something, but linux cloud environments are just scary and confusing in general.

I have a friend that refers to AWS as "DevOps porn" because of the endless dashboards and services 🤣

I think getting some foundational knowledge on how to set up a linux env in the cloud and get your code running there would really help de-mystify AWS, azure, etc.


I have a VPS (Linux instance) and projects are in gitlab. I even have a gitlab runner running in a docker container on my vps. But no idea how to start with ci/cd from there onwards without pushing my docker image to docker registry. My project is in NodeJs.

Edit: I am not asking for help like in stack overflow. I am just explaining where people like me (noobies) get stuck usually. Hope this scenario gives you an idea.


No, I feel you. Definitely want to do a short series on setting up a CI/CD pipeline with GitLab CI to containerize and deploy code onto Kubernetes. That's half the reason I'm building the Pi Bramble. ;)


How do we manage data persistence with databases in blue/green deployments... To what extent are traditional back office operations able to be transformed with ci/cd DevOps/SysOps?


For your first bit, what exactly do you mean?

How to have two different versions of your codebase interacting with the same database containers?


can you simplify k8s networking for us?