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6 AI tools that feels illegal to know


Over the years, AI has revolutionized the way we work and interact with technology. In this era of digital transformation, certain AI tools stand out not just for their utility, but for the almost illicit level of innovation they bring to the table. Here, I will introduce you to 6 such tools that, powered by artificial intelligence, feel like the best-kept secrets of the tech world.

1. - Code Integrity:

UI isn't just another coding tool; it's your coding companion for code integrity.
CodiumAI analyses your code and generates meaningful tests to catch bugs before you ship. With CodiumAI, you can easily and quickly create comprehensive test suites that help you ensure the reliability and correctness of your software. It supports all languages!
It is available in most IDE's like VSCode, IntelliJS and many more.

2. - Meeting Assistant:

Airgram takes the hassle out of meetings. This AI-powered assistant ensures your meetings run smoothly, from scheduling to note-taking. Experience the luxury of an assistant that understands your meeting needs before you do.

3. - Email Marketing Wizard:

COPYAI is more than a tool; it's a wizard for email marketing. Say goodbye to writer's block; this AI crafts compelling email copy with a few simple inputs. Watch your email campaigns transform effortlessly.

4. - Full-stack App Magic:

softr empowers you to create full-stack apps without breaking a sweat. Turn your Airtable, Google Sheets, or SmartSuite into client portals and internal tools. No code required Its AI-driven development approach opens doors for non-developers to become app creators. Explore the magic of turning your ideas into functional applications.

5. - Workspace Reinvented:

notion redefines workspaces. With its intelligent organization and collaboration features, it's more than a productivity toolit's a digital haven. Discover the art of streamlined and efficient teamwork.

6. - Roadmap to Success:

bizway isn't just a roadmap tool; it's your guide to success. With AI-driven insights, it helps chart a course for your business growth. Navigate the future confidently with's AI powered PIC [Plan -> Implement -> Consult]


These tools transcend the ordinary, making the impossible feel achievable. Embrace the future of technology with these AI-powered companions that seem almost too good to be legal. It's not magic; it's just the incredible power of AI.

Happy Hacking!

Bentil here
Which of these AI tools are you familiar with? Which of them have you been using? Kindly share your experience with them in the comments. This will help others yet to use them.

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Volodymyr Yepishev

3rd party AI taking notes on the meetings looks like a security hole to me, to be honest.

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If it isn't yet... It's gonna be.

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Hossein Yazdi

Thanks Bentil for your share. They're all great. This link also provides many more helpful AI tools.

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Bentil Shadrack

Oh Great.
I'm exploring that too