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Pycraft v0.9.5-4 is now live!

Pycraft v0.9.5-4 is now live on GitHub, it features many generational improvements and starts to introduce and mess with the concept of clouds, weather and Perlin noise in Pycraft! Check out all the details and give it a try here:

Full change-log:

  • Feature: The game now includes the start of a weather implementation, including procedurally generated clouds that move around the player. The clouds and weather will change randomly through the day/night, based on the rough relative probabilities of that respective weather in the UK. They also employ the fog effect we added to the terrain last time and have variable height based on the weather. Additionally the fog throughout the game now varies based on the current weather, so on a rainy day there will be more fog.
  • Feature: The entire project has started to undergo restructuring to bring it in line with some of the PEP-8 standards.
  • Bug-Fix: Numerous issues and bugs have been fixed regarding the benchmark functionality and exiting the benchmark now is much friendlier and any errors that used to be raised have now been fixed.
  • Bug-Fix: More work has been done on the installer to improve its functionality, expect more improvements and eventual Linux compatibility there.
  • Identified-Bugs: After toggling between full screen in the 2D engine of Pycraft (which uses Pygame) the window cannot be resized on some systems, even with the correct flags.
  • Identified-Bugs: The installer will render incorrectly if the user has chosen to scale their displays. Identified-Bugs: The cloud noise file for Pycraft (Rand_noise.png) is only generated once and the file is never re-written unless it's deleted.
  • Bug-Fix: we are improving compatibility with non-Nvidia GPUs as the GLSL programmes can occasionally incur errors due to minor changes to how different GPUs accept syntaxes.

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