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James 'Dante' Midzi
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Say Hello To shrinkat - A Tiny URL Shortener

I made a link shortener. The goal was to learn the Pocketbase API and see if it could be viable for some smaller projects I build in the future.

There is really not much to say here. I wanted to implement an entirely localised solution to building something

Technologies I Used

  • SvelteKit (of course)
  • Pocketbase
  • TailwindCss

What I Learnt

  • How authentication works with Pocketbase: It's quite different from how something like Supabase handles it.
  • Data modelling: Being sqlite, the way I had to think about data needed a slight shift in mindset.
  • Working with the Pocktebase sqlite database: Working with a barebones database was actually really fun.

Here Are Some Screenshots

Here is the homepage:
home page unauthed

Here is what a logged in user sees:
logged in user

Wrapping Up

This was a fun little thing to build. I learnt quite a bit. There is definitely a place for Pocketbase in my off the cuff build.

My one gripe is deploying this database is not simple, not in the slightest. And no, Docker does not count - I do not use those dark arts.

The code

The code for shrinkat is available on GitHub. Fork it, make it your own, create pull requests...

Thank you for reading, let's connect!

Thank you for visiting this little corner of mine. Let's connect on Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn

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