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New IDE compatible with new JS framework. Gimme feedback :D

przemek profile image Przemyslaw Michalak ・2 min read

Hey guys. We finally released a demo of our IDE. What is amazing about it is the ecosystem that IDE works in. It's been created with a framework in mind that has been created with an IDE in mind. Such a inception 😁

GlueCodes Ecosystem

IDE like this can automate all repeatable processes.

  • No more copy and paste of the same glue code to put everything together. Now You have a tool that will do everything for you.
  • No more problems with organising your project. Now all of it is done by the IDE.
  • No more looking for missing functionalities. Whenever you add new HTML attribute 'implementation assistant' will point what is missing.
  • No more problems with naming data. Framework and IDE will help you do it.

There is much much more to it, but I want to keep this post short. We don't want to overwhelm you with too much information, but if you are very curious you will find out more on our website.

We really believe this is the next step for frontend developers. One aid including all the necessary tools. But that's our opinion. What matters more right now is that it's yours! Please let me know what you think about the whole idea?

Please keep in mind that is only a demo. It's not fully functional just yet. So if you like the idea follow us on Github and social media to stay up to date with all changes we make.

Here it is, a demo of IDE:

Here is our framework repository: Framework

Our website if you want to find out more:
Our website


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