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Happy to give feedback about my project?

Przemyslaw Michalak
I'm passionate about automating processes and solving repeatable problems.
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We are currently looking for front-end developers interested in testing a new tool created to speed up building reactive web apps.

Our Studio allows you to deliver projects to the end client even 4 times faster in comparison to more conventional ways such as building projects using frameworks with a full set of supporting libraries and tools.

I list couple of important features that we already implemented in our Studio to support our claims:

  • Studio starts with initial set-up - The Live Preview, meta-framework, code generator, bootstrap, font-awesome and much more are ready to use right at the start of the new project
  • Implementation Assistant - early version of AI that scans your code and not only notify you about important actions that you need to take, but also generates all necessary files and glue code and placing them inside of your project, exposing only files necessary for developing new features
  • repository of Widgets - over 80 of them! From simple block presenters, to more advanced data tables and forms, ending on microservices like table reservation API. All the Widgets can be inserted inside of your project within one-click and customized by object JSON file for content or pure CSS for styles
  • Scoped CSS - that makes naming and styling easier. The Studio generates dedicated CSS files for Widgets and 'Slots' of your web page. You can place 15 elements with the same name of class on your web page and still styles each of them differently.
  • Global Styles - Exact opposite of scoped CSS. You can globally style the whole app at once to avoid repeating or speed up the work

There are many more features, but I think those should bring your attention already.

So what is the purpose of my post? We are looking for front-end developers that are interested in giving us feedback. We are looking for 2 specific groups of developers:

Curious one - If description of the Studio sounds interesting for you, we are happy to simple hear your feedback after you use our tool

The one in need of a tool like this - If you are freelancer or running a project on the side, we are happy to give you access to the most advanced plan for FREE. In exchange for it we only ask for one thing. You will let us share the URL to your website/project/web app on social media and on our website. Please note, I'm not asking for source code, only for the result of your work. We want to prove our concept and show to our community capabilities of our tool. So we simply want to brag on our channels that your website has been built in our Studio. Plus it is always some advertisement for you as well.

If that's sounds interesting please contact with me:


You can also visit website of the project here:

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