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Kitty configuration for the iTerm user

I've been using kitty for a couple of days and I really like it.
As I come from years of using iTerm, I immediately had problems with the default configuration and key mappings. So today I'm sharing all the configurations that made my transition super smooth.

First a list of what I wanted to achieve

  • Minimal UI (no borders, no title bar decorations)
  • ctrl + d for vertical split
  • ctrl + shit + d for horizontal split
  • ctrl + w close split or tab
  • ctrl + t new tab
  • cmd + arrow left/right move to beginning/end of line
  • option + arrow left/right move to beginning/end of word
  • cmd c/v copy/paste from clipboard

Here a gist with my current configuration

One more thing: Themes

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raipraveen83 profile image
Praveen Rai

Thanks, Do you have advance config part of kitty. is there way in kitty to scroll unlimited as we have in iterm2.