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Constructorless namespaces in ES5 & ES6


If you remove constructor from function such function becomes "sterilized" i.e. it becomes object literal subsequently aliased as namespace , although definition of "namespace" is not baked-in JavaScript (ECMAScript) specification natively . As ESnext evolving rapidly, well since last ES5 to ES6 for major update around 6 years ago, that time function definition syntactically was switched into definition of class , although this is just the way to mock real life class-based programming langs like JAVA . Don't get me wrong , I am not going into specificity , just one two show to common scenarios how to "sterilize" ES5 function / ES6 function (class syntactically) making it into nothing else than namespace...

ES5 constructorless function

const _Static = (function () {
  /* blank : (#) _Static is not a constructor if new'ed */
}.prototype.constructor = {
  /* blank is overwritten with some mocked logic e.g. : */ _this: "local_scope",
  _getter: function () {
    return `Hello from STATIC ${this._this}`;
_Static._getter() // 'Hello from STATIC local_scope'
/* new _Static */; // (#)
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ES6 constructorless function (class)

class _Static {
  constructor() {
    return new {}(); // (#) : {} is not a constructor if new'ed

  static _constructor() {
    let _this = {};
    _this.namespace =;
    _this.otherProps = "xyz";
    return _this;

  // other static methods

_Static._constructor(); // {namespace: '_Static', otherProps: 'xyz'}

/* new _Static(); */ // (#)
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BONUS : direct way of making namespace:

You probably noticed , if you used some 2D libs like Konva.js , which uses the following signature whilst initializing things i.e. as _GlobalNamespace.Method() e.g.:

const _Konva = {
  Stage: function(){
    // Stage configs...

// new instance of Stage accessed within signature of _GlobalNamespace.Method() :
new _Konva.Stage(/* stage configs you pass as documented */);
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