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Working Camp Inquiry - Glam Up my Markup

This is a submission for DEV Challenge v24.03.20, Glam Up My Markup: Camp Activities

What I Built

I built a glass UI for the Glam Up my Markup frontend challenge.

I used a very futuristic theme to move away from the traditional camp theme that has already been used by so many other websites.

It's a resizable site, which makes it usable for both desktop and mobile users.


A better preview of the site is available here
All the source code is available on Github.


I started with just styling the form, but I realized that was pretty normal.
That's why I decided to add a database feature, what made me knock with my head on my desk.

I learned tons of new javascript skills by making my own pie charts, because animating on the canvas isn't simple.

After that, I made some cool confetti and popup scripts to make it look better and spendt 2 hours on animating (yes, 2 hours, don't laugh).


That's all, I hope you like it!

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sahra πŸ’« • Edited

Looks really greatβœ¨πŸ‘. Awesome work you put into thisπŸ’―πŸ˜. However, I don't think you would want a "not allowed" cursor for the submit button, it shows the user that the form is not submittable, which isn't right. The error message should be enough. Again splendid workπŸ‘

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Thank you! It does submit, and as soon as you select an activity, the cursor changes back to normal.

programordie profile image

Let me know what you think about this!