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A Cross-platform Azure Service Bus explorer

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If you have worked with Azure Service Bus, you know that having an explorer is essential for developers. An explorer is a tool that helps you to view messages in queues and manage them so that you can develop and test distributed systems.

PurpleExplorer is a new open-source tool that runs on any platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) and helps developers to:

  • Connect to Azure Service Bus
  • View topics and subscriptions
  • View queues
  • View active and dead-letter messages
  • View message body and its details
  • Send a new message
  • Save messages to send them quickly
  • Delete a message
  • Purge active or dead-letter messages
  • Re-submit a message from dead-letter
  • Dead-letter a message

It also saves the messages so that engineers and testers can send different messages multiple times easily. It is open-source (MIT license) available at:

Note that it is in Beta version now.
Hope it is helpful to you all :)

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