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Free alternatives to OpenAI or ChatGPT API

Developers are always eager to adopt new technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly a hot topic. To integrate AI into our applications, we need APIs, and OpenAPI is a popular choice.

However, running powerful open-source large language models (LLMs) can be challenging due to server resource limitations. Additionally, platforms like OpenAI offer limited free tiers for experimentation.

This is where Cloudflare Workers AI comes in. They understand developers' needs and avoid reinventing the wheel. They provide API access to a curated set of popular open-source LLM models, enabling tasks like image classification, text generation, and object detection.

With their generous free tier, you can choose your favorite AI model and explore its potential for your use case.

Cloudflare Workers AI Pricing

In addition, they provide several pre-built templates, such as a speech-to-text app and an image classification template, to help you get started quickly.

Workers AI Templates

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