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How to build backend for a personal blogging site?

I'm building a personal blogging website.I plan to have the posts with comments, embedded HTML5 games,audio and visual media.
I have the user interface ready on paper.

Here's the scope of the blog:
Audience: Small(less than 100-200 people per month).Might grow in future.
Games: Small(less than 5mb) 2d games.
Needs: Storage for blog posts, images, audio, and game assets. Plus, a way to deliver everything smoothly to my readers.

On other platforms (YouTube and through Google searches)most people tend to be using NoSQL DBs.I don't know if I need that.
I am open to learning new things.
So,I'd love your wisdom!
What's your preferred setup for hosting blogs with embedded content,please remember that most pages of my blogs will be static?
Any tips for optimizing 2D games for seamless loading?
Unfortunately,I can't pay much for hosting,so please keep that mind.
Bonus points for sharing your own experiences and favorite tools!

Thanks in advance!

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Andrew Luchuk

Have you looked into static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, or Eleventy? You can frequently deploy static sites generated with these tools to GitHub Pages or Netlify for free.

Another option I personally plan to use is Astro.