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Are rust and golang going to take over C and C++? In terms of desktop software/web development. Also how would you, as a C++ expert, rate these languages? Do they have potential?


Rust would take over everything, but the leftist collectivist community threw a baton roue of so-called "golang" at it, and now we will all perish and return to a dark age of literal witch hunts. (Because we are all out of Moore's law)
RIP information technology and human civilization in general


I strongly believe that (virtually) all languages have their place. FORTRAN and COBOL have firmly established places in the world, and are almost certain never to lose them on account of their reliability and precedence.

C and C++ likewise have this precedence, making up a sizable chunk of our source code. It's the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" concept; I doubt the entire collection of software that makes up a standard Linux-based operating system will ever be rewritten from C to Rust, because most of what already exists works quite well.

That said, I think Rust and golang have a lot of potential as languages, especially Rust.

(In my personal opinion, golang is a rather hipster language, but that's based in my feelings towards it, not in anything practical; so take that with a grain of salt.)

Rust looks especially interesting in the area of error handling. I'll admit, I haven't had the time to learn it very well yet, but it's DEFINITELY high on my list!

In other words, Rust and golang will probably find established places in the programming world, but they won't be displacing C, C++, or any other established language. Every tool has its place, and a quarter inch drill bit doesn't replace a 5mm drill bit.


"In my personal opinion, golang is a rather hipster language"

Thank. YOU!

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