#discussProject Overkill?

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GPU rendered desktop apps/assets

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#showdevHands-on with distributed file systems and storage virtualization!

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#helpDeciding a database architecture for a Social Networking use-case?

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#helpHow do you scale a nodejs real-time API to concurrently serve a million users?

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#discussCan react be used as a utility full stack web app?

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#discussGoogle Summer of Code - can any organizations help me contribute?

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#helpResources for Getting into DevOps?

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#discussHow do you get a decent estimate on the time it will take to complete a task?

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Hyperledger Fabric: Transitioning from Development to Production

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#discussCan the entire journey of Interstellar be rendered pointless by a supercomputer?

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Visualising the JavaScript Event Loop with a Pizza Restaurant analogy

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How I developed a captcha cracker for my University's website

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How I automated the boring University stuff with Python

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