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Dacast Alternative For VOD

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Flicknexs is the dacast alternative that builds VOD and OTT platforms for video creators who want to run video streaming businesses with websites and applications. Flicknexs gives overall support to launch, run and grow your business. Dacast is a video streaming service that broadcast video on their existing website and applications.

Difference Between Flicknexs and Dacast

Dacast is just a video streaming service that embeds video into existing websites and applications. It hosts video, shares it with the audience and viewers can access it.
With Dacast you can

  • Embed video into the existing website
  • Host videos
  • Share video to social media platforms
  • Monetize videos

Flicknexs is a SaaS-based VOD and OTT platform provider that builds complete video streaming platforms from scratch for website, mobile and TV apps.
With Flicknexs you can

  • Build video streaming website
  • Create Ott Apps for both mobile and TV
  • Monetize videos with different models such as SVOD, AVOD and TVOD
  • Customize your website and video player
  • Organize video content using CMS

What Dacast does for your Video streaming

They provide two important features: video hosting and monetization.
The first one is video hosting, where you host your video on the dacast platform then embed video into your website where users can access the video. The second one is video monetization, where you can set SVOD or TVOD model for managing payment methods.

What Flicknexs does for your Video streaming

Flicknexs is a budget-friendly video solution that helps VOD Businesses from bottom to top. It builds, launches, helps in growth and markets your VOD business.
On the Flicknexs platform, you can

  • Build White label Video Streaming website

Developers build you a professional, well built VOD Website according to user needs where user company logo and brand are given more importance. There are customizable templates available where you can make adjustments to users' needs.

  • Create OTT apps for mobile and TV

Flicknexs helps in building OTT applications for mobile and TV apps with API and SDK support. So the user can access the video on any device like mobile or TV.

  • Monetize your videos

Flicknexs offers you a wide variety of options such as Subscription-based model,transactional-based model and advertisement based model
Flicknexs offers

  • 7-day free trial
  • Three subscription plans like basic, professional and enterprise
  • Coupons and promotional offers

  • Market your VOD platform

With marketing tools available with Flicknexs helps in reaching a broader audience and helps to convert viewers into paying audiences. With an inbuilt analytics tool, you can get the insights of your audience and create a marketing campaign to retarget your audience to convert it into paying customers.

  • Overall All in One video streaming solution

Flicknexs offers other essential features such as

  • It comes with HTML 5 Video player
  • Video transcoding so that video can be viewed on all devices
  • It also supports Audio and Live Video Streaming
  • CMS for clearly organizing the video content
  • Advanced security features such as DRM security
  • Watermarking
  • Customer support
  • API and SDK Support
  • Content Delivery Networks and Adaptive bitrate streaming for safe delivery of video content to end users without any lag or issues

Wrapping up

If you are a well-established business with a website and all you want is video streaming capability. In that case, you can choose Dacast, which helps monetize your video content and help grow your business. But suppose you are a business that wants to Build a VOD website, OTT application for Mobile and TV, monetize video with different options, and create video content of the library. In that case, Flicknexs Video streaming solution is one of the best choices as it has built video streaming platforms for video creators in the past.

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