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How to start a VOD streaming platform and its advantages?

VOD streaming is in high demand as it gives the flexibility for users to watch video content at any time, anywhere, and on any device. The covid pandemic has positively impacted the VOD streaming market and helped service providers expand their subscription services to reach a wide audience. Here is the blog that lists the advantage of VOD streaming and how to start a VOD streaming platform.

What is VOD streaming?

VOD streaming is a technology that allows users from around the world to access video at any time and from any device. VOD streaming is going to be the next big thing in the future, as many prefer watching videos online.

Many people are very familiar with VOD streaming, as it is found everywhere online on Instagram, Netflix, youtube, etc. VOD streaming remains intact at present because of its content delivery method and user interactivity nature. Many people prefer watching relatable videos rather than email and informative articles.

How does VOD streaming work?

When looking at the improvement in video streaming technology, we can see that there is a significant drift in viewing habits. In earlier days, users had to pay for the services they didn't need, which was also expensive. In addition to that, there may be geographical restrictions and limited device support. These restrictions have forced users to quit Traditional TV networks and move toward VOD streaming services. VOD streaming platforms provide access to desired content irrespective of location, device, time, etc.

With VOD streaming, Users can access the recorded live event as on-demand content after the live streaming event is over. Users can watch on-demand content at their convenient time and with their favorite device.

Advantages of VOD streaming

VOD streaming technology is the latest one that catches the attention of viewers. Many people enjoy using VOD technology as they have to pay for what they want to watch, and it meets the demands of the users.

VOD is fast

Once the users enter the VOD platforms, they can start streaming video online without the need to download the entire video.

VOD setup is easy, and the cost is very low

The time required to set up a VOD platform is less, and the cost required to set up a VOD platform is minimal.

VOD streaming has a broader reach

VOD platform allows users to stream video content online from any device like smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets, and desktops. It gives users a choice to watch video content from their favorite device.

VOD tracks user analytics

VOD platform track user data like device, location, age group, engagement time, etc. With these data in hand, VOD platforms can target audiences and provide experience according to their needs, resulting in increased user engagement.

VOD streaming increases conversion

Showing personalized video content to the audience attracts them. With analytics data and by using the Correct CTA button like buy now or check our free trial helps in increasing customer acquisition

VOD doubles up an audience base

Video creators broadcasting particular events can be recorded and stored as on-demand videos in the video library. It allows users who missed out on live streaming events to view video as on-demand content. In this way, you can double up your audience and attract a broader audience.

Complete control over the video content

Users accessing the video content in VOD streaming applications or websites have complete control over the video content. Users can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward according to their convenience.

Monetization options

Broadcasters can redistribute live streamed video content as on-demand content. With on-demand content, you can leverage one of the monetization options like SVOD, AVOD, or TVOD to help increase the revenue flow.

How to start your VOD streaming platform?

At present, everyone might be familiar with VOD platforms as many people have changed their watching habits from TV sets to VOD platforms. This gives us the clear idea that the business related to video streaming and media will be searching online on how to start a VOD app or website. The next part will explain how to start a VOD streaming platform.

Choose your niche content.

The first thing to do is choose a VOD platform, decide what type of video content you will create, and go ahead. VOD content is created, organized, and distributed according to each business's needs.

Start creating content

You can create your content or include other content in your VOD platform by getting a copyright for distributing video content through your platform. The video library is set to be filled with enough video content so that users who enter the platform will have enough video content to browse and watch.

Marketing your content

To make your content visible to your audience, you need to market your video content. You can market your VOD streaming platform by sending emails or app notifications. You can even run paid ad campaigns and leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a broader audience.

Get Started with your VOD streaming with the best VOD streaming platform provider.

You may be in search of the best VOD streaming platform for your video content as many people realize that VOD streaming is the main part of any business. Choose a VOD streaming platform that provides a high-end feature to set your platform apart from other services. Here is the list of reasons why to choose a better Video-on-demand streaming platform.

White label video streaming: White label support allows video creators to add their logo, color, and images to the video content and promotes the video creator's brand without any interruptions.

Multiple monetization support: The video streaming platform comes with multiple monetization models like AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, and hybrid, allowing video creators to have an option to monetize video content according to their business needs.

Analytics dashboard: Analytics allows you to track key metrics and user behavior under various dimensions. This data allows you to create engaging video content to attract a huge audience base and provide a better service.

Global content delivery: Provides buffer-free streaming experience for users worldwide across any device with the help of a Global content delivery network and streaming protocols

Live stream recording: Recording the live streaming event and then storing it as VOD content in the video library. Users who missed the live event can watch the on-demand video content at their desired time.


User needs and likes change through time, but one thing that remains constant is value and user experience. VOD streaming platforms will remain at a higher level among audiences for a long time.

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